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The BAISI label was established in 1998 as a leading retail brand in ladies’ fashion. Since the opening of our very first boutique, BAISI has been at the forefront of ladies’ fashion, representing an “Essence of luxury”. Currently overseas, BAISI have over 250 boutiques, showcasing our timeless classic designs for the discerning and fashion-conscious ladies. 

Our designs are bold, vibrant, forever featuring colours and the latest design trends from every corner of the globe, bringing out one’s individuality, personifying character and confidence. 

BAISI’s design is classic, yet forever new. It is simple, yet elegant. It is bold, yet stylish. Wild and sophisticated, feminine and glamourous. BAISI is an “Essence of luxury”, an expression of lifestyle. 

We are proud to announce the arrival of the BAISI fashion label in Australia and is now available for the discerning and fashion-conscious ladies of Australia.






In 2007, we launched our BC VOGA label, focusing on our clientele whom are seeking a finer and more distinct cut in design in the latest trends, allowing them to express their own individuality.  Since then, BC VOGA has been synonymous with lifestyle and embarked on a Global Winery Tour visiting Australian wineries such as Hungerford Hill, Coombe, Levantine Hill, Mitchelton and Tarrawarra to showcase its unique fashion designs amongst the backdrop of Australia’s beautiful landscape.